Bespoke Ceramic Artisan

Recently, Aleisa was featured in Focus Magazine to discuss her artistic practice, ceramics and her passion for the craft. "Bespoke ceramic artisan Aleisa Byfield is making her mark on the local creative scene. She chats to FOCUS about her love of the art."... VIEW FULL ARTICLE

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Aleisa Byfield | Artisan- Hey Kels

Aleisa is interviewed by Kelsey Petherick Aleisa Byfield not only creates and designs beautiful, handmade ceramic jewellery and homewares but has a passion for self-development and healing. Through her stunning pieces which are inspired by many things, including Japanese Pottery and nature, her use of a variety of different textures and techniques showcase  Aleisa's authentic self. I had the amazing opportunity to get to know more about her story and how this business began. VIEW FULL ARTICLE

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Ceramics Hobby Turns into Dream Career

Aleisa was featured and interviewed by AUZi Insurance.  A day in the life of Aleisa Byfield is full of getting her hands into the clay, busying herself with other tasks of handcrafting ceramics, and answering the demands of a small business. Aleisa fell in love with this creative scape in 2013 after learning and experimenting at her local craft centre where members shared their knowledge and experience with one another... VIEW FULL ARTICLE

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